Distress Marker Tutorial, Part 1, Colouring Tilda's Skin.

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Colouring With Distress Inks

Distress Ink Marker Tutorial

Masking Tutorial

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Cracked Glass Technique

Colouring Skin With Inktense Pencils - Tilly

Colouring Hair With Inktense Pencils - Tilly

Speed Colouring of Special Delivery with Distress Reinkers LINK

Distress Ink Marker Tutorial

Hi everyone, no card from me today, I think I out did myself yesterday, lol. I sat down to colour some images in and thought I'd do a sort of tutorial for colouring with the Ink Markers.

I appreciate that this probably would have been better as a video but, one I'm not very technologically minded, and I think I may be able to do the video OK, I'd get stumped on the uploading bit. Secondly, I'm from Hartlepool, a little town on the North East coast of England, about 30 miles south of Newcastle, but our accent does not have that twang, personally I think we have one of the horriblest accents and I'd cringe at the thought of my voice being out there, so it's pictures and writing from me.

I don't pretend to be perfect, and this is just the way that I colour. If it wasn't for other talented ladies putting together tutorials, videos and answering my questions I'd not be able to colour in at all, so first off I want to say thank you to them.

It took me a while to get started with the markers, I've used the inks for a few months, and I liked the smooth, relative whiteness of Hot Press paper, but when I've investigated the HP paper absorbs quicker, and I was finding this to be my problem, the ink was soaking in before I had time to blend. So, I bought some Canson Montval NOT (i.e. cold pressed) paper and wow, I am impressed.

I'm sorry, but this is a little photo heavy, I've tried to keep it to a minimum.

I've stamped Tilda with Daisy using Archival Coffee.

Go round the edge using Tattered Rose.

Then blend to the centre using a circular motion.

As the ink sits more on this paper, I find it better to do all of the skin or the paper tends to bobble.

Go round her hair line with the fine point of the Vintage Photo distress pen.

And any other bits that will be in shadow. Take your brush and using small circular motions, with a almost dry brush pull the colour out.

Then go round with tattered rose again, and blend to the centre, with circular motions using an almost dry brush.

I use Antique Linen as a base for her hair, start by going round the parts of her hair that will be darker.

Then, once again blend. I've also done her socks.

I've now started on her dress. Put the colour down on the areas that you want to be darker, I've used Weathered Wood, and then blend out. Don't worry about the shadows not being dark enough, this is only the first coat.

Blend using circular motions. I tend to work in sections.

The first coat of her dress.

Her bow is done, also in Weathered Wood. Her shoes have been done in Pumice Stone, and the daisy is Forest Moss, Old Paper and Wild Honey.

I like to use Frayed Burlap for the middle colour of her hair, I've used reinkers for this as I find the marker is quite a green colour and it just doesn't look right.

I now add more contrast, basically I go over the same areas I went over before, but I use smaller circles to blend, and don't blend all of the way out. So the lighter bits aren't getting any more colour on, but the shadow parts are. For fine detail, like the creases I use the fine end of the pen.

I've used the fine end of the Walnut Stain marker to add the third layer to her hair. Also, in the darker shadows I've put the smallest amount of black and gently blended in, just for a bit more depth.

If you want to add background detail make sure you draw right next to the image, I've used Tumbled Glass.

I then use a slightly larger, not quite as dry (but still not wet) brush, and blend outwards.

Here's my finished picture. If you have any question's just ask, click on the email link in my right column. Some of the pictures are a little blurry, but I was using my left hand for this.

I hope this makes sense, these markers are great for colouring, I actually find that I can colour in quicker.

Now for my disclaimer, if you are tempted to buy these, please do not blame me, lol.



Distress Ink Colouring


I've recently been asked a few questions about colouring with distress inks. I know I don't know very much about this, and I do need a lot more practise to be as good as the greats out there, I thought this might help some of you to be able to get started.

These are some of my first attempts;

I've always loved the effect colouring with distress inks gives, I came across this tutorial by Dena and also this Tutorial by Jacqui, and I messed around and came up with my own tips.

It took me ages to find a paper I was happy with, but eventually I came across Fabriano 5, which I get from Pegasus Art, I get the A5 books and when you cut it in half you can get two images to a sheet, so you get 50 from a book. Also, the brushes took me ages to get sorted, and remember this is just my preference, but I like Polar White Round Brushes in size 3 and 4, also from Pegasus Art.

If you use the ink pads you can simply squeeze the lid and the ink pools in the lid. I tend to use reinkers and what I use is this;

I've downloaded this from here, printed it onto card and then laminated it. This gives you space around the edges to do bits of mixing. This card doesn't go anywhere so I tend to leave the ink on, it doesn't dry out. But, if you need to store it it can be rinsed under the tap. Just thought I'd share this, I store my reinkers in one of these;

There's other storage solutions here too, I've also got the ink pad storage, and the small chest for storing dies in.

Here's my table ready for me to colour. I use the old tea towel to get rid of the excess water, but I hold the kitchen towel to keep wiping my brush as I blend the paint. I always sit down with a cup of coffee, lol and I always have my phone, for a few reasons, if I get a text I don't have to get up, I can use it to look on Internet for inspiration if I need it, and also it hooks up via bluetooth to play tunes while I colour.

I start by stamping the image, I usually use Coffee colour Archival Ink, but Stazon works just fine. I then go round the face with Tattered Rose.

I blend this in, like both Dena and Jacqui demonstrate. On the top of my chart I have mixed 1 drop of Vintage Photo with 3 drops of Tattered Rose (if you're using the pads just use Vintage Photo, but do a much thinner Line). I then go round the face, leaving out her chin.

I then go over this area again, working both colours together slightly, and I go round her chin.

I blend this in, on each rotation I start with the chin going in the direction where you are blending just tattered rose first.

For the cheeks I use Worn Lipstick, and put it on where Tilda's freckles are.

Using an almost dry brush I blend the cheeks in. You can leave them rosier if you prefer, this is just how I like to do it. You have to wait for a layer to dry, just move onto another area that doesn't touch. You can see I've got the first layer of her legs done.

It's best to build colours up, in most areas I'll have 3 layers.

My finished Tilda, I still need to do some background shading, and then I'll turn her into a card.

If you're thinking of giving this a go the colours which I think you'll need, again my preference, is;

-Tattered Rose
-Vintage Photo
-Worn Lipstick
-Frayed Burlap
-Antique Linen
-Walnut Stain
-Pumice Stone

This is what I use for the skin and hair, so the other colours will depend on if you like pink, blue or purple.

I hope this gives some of you the push you want to be able to give this a go. If you have any questions, please ask me and if I can help I will.

I also have to thank Mel, I asked her a few questions when I started out and coincidentally we're now both teamies at Totally Tilda.

This week at Tilda's Town Challenges we want you to name your technique, I decided to do Masking and I've put together a little tutorial.

First off though, here's my card.

I've masked Tilda Makes A Blueberry Blanket onto Old Swedish Chair and then coloured the image in with Distress Markers. The papers are from Maja Design, I've distressed the edges with a Tim Holtz distress tool, and then machine sewn the edges with top stitch thread. The pearl brads, seam binding and lace are all from The Ribbon Girl.

The flowers are from Wild Orchid, except for the White Magnolia Shabby Chic Tulle Rose which is from Live and Love Crafts.


Here's the masking tutorial,

Stamp your character image onto a post it note making sure you get as much of the image onto the sticky area as possible.

Carefully cut out the image using sharp scissors, keeping as close to the image as possible.

I then place the cut out image onto the stamp that it is going to 'sit' on, or stand in front of so you can get a good idea of what you want to line up where. For example, for this one I wanted the back of her knees to line up with the seat.

I then mark this on the back of the stamp, so when it's mounted on the acrylic block I know where I'm placing it.

Stamp Tilda onto the paper you are going to colour, and then place the post it 'Mask' over your image (you'd be shocked at how many times I have actually forgotten to do this, lol).

And then stamp your accessory image.

Ta da!! Tilda sitting on a chair.

Give it a go, but don't get disheartened if it doesn't line up, like everything practice makes (ahem) perfect.


Becky x


Hi, I've been asked a few times how to use Inlinkz, this is how I do it. I'm not saying this is the only way to do it, but it's the way I do it (at the minute, I've only been using it a few days, and I've had help too, thanks Sandy).

First you need to register at Inlinkz, the way I understand it, if you're going to use it less than 10 times a month then it's free (at the time of writing).

First off, click on 'The Link Manager', you'll then go to the next screen.

Click on 'Add New Collection'

The settings I like are 'Five' in the columns drop down box, with '100px' in the Thumb Size drop down box, but you can change these to what you find to be the best.
To start off with there won't be any products at the right hand side, to add the products that you want to use click on 'Add New Link'.

This box then pops up, go to the product that you want, in a new page.

Highlight the URL of the product, copy it and then paste it

here. I then give all four of the boxes the same name, describing the product. You then need to choose an image, click on the select image and click 'go', this should give you a list of all of the pictures from the page, choose the one you want. If this doesn't work, go back to the product page and right click on the image, select the 'Copy Image URL' and then paste it into the 'Image URL' page.

Then drag the image from the right to the left, give the collection a name that makes sense to you.

Add all of the products that you want to use, then click on 'Create', click 'OK' and the following screen opens.

Make sure you are on the collection you want, and click on the highlighted button.

This page then opens, highlight and copy the top HTML text. If you choose this one any changes to the products will get updated automatically.

When you've finished writing your post (you can do it before, but on the screen where you write your post it won't be visible so you may interfere with it), click on the HTML button and at the end paste your code. When you go back into the Compose screen it won't be visible, but when your post goes live it should be there.

I was on nights last night and I tend to ramble a tad, so I hope it makes sense. If you have any questions please ask, and if I can answer it I'll be more than happy to.


Becky x


I just got this image the other day, and I was going to make a Wedding card, I have been asked to make quite a few for later in the year, I coloured it up at work on Monday night and as I was on my way home one of my colleagues asked me to make a Golden Wedding card for her Mam and Dad and I thought 50 years of marriage was more romantic than a Wedding Card for our Inspirational theme this week at LLC.

She wanted a card bigger than my usual 6x6, so this has been cut with my largest Go Kreate die, I've used Maja Design Vintage Summer Basics 12x12 papers, and used walnut stain around the edges.

I've used a Tim Holtz Typeset die for the lettering and then added a sprinkle of Gold Glamour dust. 

The roses are from my stash, there are links so the other flowers at the end. I've used Shabby White Frantage on the pearls.

I was brave and decided to try the Cracked Glass technique to a coloured image, I've only done it once before and that was on a printed image. This is my way of how to do it. I added liquid pearls and glamour dust, and let it dry thoroughly. When it was dry I used the versamark ink and covered the whole image and then used UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) and then melted with a heat gun, and repeated this until I had a complete covering, 3 times for most of the image, but in places it took me about 5 times. I then let it harden for a while (I think you can put it in the freezer, but I craft in the attic and after doing some exercises the other day that had loads of squats in the stairs aren't my friend at the mo). When it was nice and hard I folded it over my fingers to get the cracks, when I was happy with the cracks I added Walnut Stain ink to them and rubbed it in with the ink tool, and I think it suits this image and card perfectly.

My arty flower shot ;)


Becky xx


Yay, now that I almost have my new craft room sorted I now have the space to make video tutorials, so here is my first one. I have been asked several times now how I add Frantage to my images, so here is a video. Grace filmed it for me, and I think she has done a great job. 

HERE is a link to my You Tube channel.

As always, any questions drop me an e-mail


Becky xx

Hi, as promised here is a video of how I colour with Intense Pencils. I apologize now, I could have been closer, but it's better than nothing to be getting on with for now.

Any questions please ask. 

My You Tube channel is HERE.


Becky xx


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  3. thank you for an excellen tutorial,it is very clear and informative.I have always wanted to give colouring with inks a try and might just do so with the help of your tutorial . thanks again x

  4. Thanks for these fabulous DI Tutorials Becky. I have Tilda with Daisy, so at the weekend I'm going to try and replicate what you've done - hope you don't mind. I'll let you know how I get on.


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    Also Where do you purchase Your Paper??
    Have you ever gone to OOZAK.COM for your Magnolia, they sell them there for 11.16 USA$$
    Again THANK YOU:)

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