Monday, 13 May 2013

A Creative Romance

Hi everyone, Monday again. I've scheduled this post as I'm away for a full week on a training course, I'm learning how to use one of the new analysers for the laboratory, and yes it takes a week and even then I'll not know everything. I know I'll miss my kids terribly, thank goodness for Facetime, but, a week away with no cooking, cleaning, sorting arguments, washing etc, etc adds a little shine to it.

I thought I would pop by and remind you of the new challenge starting A Creative Romance, please pop over and add your name to the linky (if you havn't already) as we have some amazing candy up for grabs, become a follower and pop our badge in your sidebar.

I hope Mr. Blogger plays nice and posts all of the posts that I have scheduled.


Becky xx

1 comment:

  1. Morning Becky, just remember no cleaning/washing for a week and it'll fly by. Hugs Clare xx