Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Distress Ink Marker Tutorial

Hi everyone, no card from me today, I think I out did myself yesterday, lol. I sat down to colour some images in and thought I'd do a sort of tutorial for colouring with the Ink Markers.

I appreciate that this probably would have been better as a video but, one I'm not very technologically minded, and I think I may be able to do the video OK, I'd get stumped on the uploading bit. Secondly, I'm from Hartlepool, a little town on the North East coast of England, about 30 miles south of Newcastle, but our accent does not have that twang, personally I think we have one of the horriblest accents and I'd cringe at the thought of my voice being out there, so it's pictures and writing from me.

I don't pretend to be perfect, and this is just the way that I colour. If it wasn't for other talented ladies putting together tutorials, videos and answering my questions I'd not be able to colour in at all, so first off I want to say thank you to them.

It took me a while to get started with the markers, I've used the inks for a few months, and I liked the smooth, relative whiteness of Hot Press paper, but when I've investigated the HP paper absorbs quicker, and I was finding this to be my problem, the ink was soaking in before I had time to blend. So, I bought some Canson Montval NOT (i.e. cold pressed) paper and wow, I am impressed.

I'm sorry, but this is a little photo heavy, I've tried to keep it to a minimum.

I've stamped Tilda with Daisy using Archival Coffee.

Go round the edge using Tattered Rose.

Then blend to the centre using a circular motion.

As the ink sits more on this paper, I find it better to do all of the skin or the paper tends to bobble.

Go round her hair line with the fine point of the Vintage Photo distress pen.

And any other bits that will be in shadow. Take your brush and using small circular motions, with a almost dry brush pull the colour out.

Then go round with tattered rose again, and blend to the centre, with circular motions using an almost dry brush.

I use Antique Linen as a base for her hair, start by going round the parts of her hair that will be darker.

Then, once again blend. I've also done her socks.

I've now started on her dress. Put the colour down on the areas that you want to be darker, I've used Weathered Wood, and then blend out. Don't worry about the shadows not being dark enough, this is only the first coat.

Blend using circular motions. I tend to work in sections.

The first coat of her dress.

Her bow is done, also in Weathered Wood. Her shoes have been done in Pumice Stone, and the daisy is Forest Moss, Old Paper and Wild Honey.

I like to use Frayed Burlap for the middle colour of her hair, I've used reinkers for this as I find the marker is quite a green colour and it just doesn't look right.

I now add more contrast, basically I go over the same areas I went over before, but I use smaller circles to blend, and don't blend all of the way out. So the lighter bits aren't getting any more colour on, but the shadow parts are. For fine detail, like the creases I use the fine end of the pen.

I've used the fine end of the Walnut Stain marker to add the third layer to her hair. Also, in the darker shadows I've put the smallest amount of black and gently blended in, just for a bit more depth.

If you want to add background detail make sure you draw right next to the image, I've used Tumbled Glass.

I then use a slightly larger, not quite as dry (but still not wet) brush, and blend outwards.

Here's my finished picture. If you have any question's just ask, click on the email link in my right column. Some of the pictures are a little blurry, but I was using my left hand for this.

I hope this makes sense, these markers are great for colouring, I actually find that I can colour in quicker.

Now for my disclaimer, if you are tempted to buy these, please do not blame me, lol.



  1. Ow this looks amazing Becky ;o)
    Thank you for the tutorial .. I have them on my wishlist (on top of it LOL)
    Your coloring is amazing sweetie ♥

  2. Hello Becky,
    I love this tutorial. Ik have looked fot paper , and again.
    I bought Fabriano paper, that is okay too.

    Greetings Ingrid

  3. Hello Becky,

    What a great tutorial!! I wil certainly trie it that way, because your colouring is so much better than mine.

  4. This is great tutorial :) Makes me want to buy distress markers :D

  5. Hi Bex, great tutorial, that's a good tip about the paper.
    Your making me want to try inks again, sigh!!!
    I wonder if they will bring out the new colours in the markers?
    Love,melly. xxx

  6. Fabulous Becky! I've been coloring with these the last few weeks too! love them! I've been stamping in black...have to remember to try the brown!
    Maybe I'll get a video done up... I keep talking about it! ugh! Nice you get to work back into work gradually! yea! ttul!

  7. Hi Becky, thanks for showing us how you use the markers. I have had some of these for a while but haven't used them, but I bet I won't have the colours you've used and will need those then, Oh heck!
    Hugs Sue W.

  8. Hi becky many thanks popett for the was a really good read and i couldnt take my eyes of the detailing and colours...fabulous guess where im gonig i bought the paper too and the new one the im getting there im off to get some markers i do have one...just to try and i agree it soaked away in the FABRINO... AND THANKS FOR SHARING hugs SASSY XXXXX OOOPS caps on sorry ...

  9. Fab tutorial Becky, thanks for this. I have been trying to decide if I really need another colouring medium but I have to say I am even more tempted now! Thanks for sharing your ideas
    Kat x
    Ps I am the same about videos, With my very strong scottish accent I think I would need to add subtitles lol!

  10. Fantastic tutorial Becky. I was hoping you'd do one. (I love the North East accent:) )
    I am so tempted because I love the soft look of the distress inks. I have never done any kind of 'water colouring'. What size brushes do you use and I assume you don't need much water on the brush from what you say.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to make a great tutorial.

    Hugs, Janine xx

  11. Hi Becky I am so bored with my pencils ! I have ordered these and cannot wait to have a go as I have not even used reinkers for so long now. This will be so great to refer too ! Thankyou for taking the time to show us, your colouring is so beautiful ;0) x

  12. p.s could be worse you could have a Scottish accent like me lol ;0)

  13. OMG you're hilarious! I'll bet your accent is fine! :) I am soooo going to print this off and spend a day perfecting it. LOL!! It's our long weekend so I know I'll have time. Thanks so much for doing this! I've been wiping my pen onto a block just to get the ink off so this is very interesting. I had my MIL pick up some paper and brushes for me at Michael's so am hoping that I got her to pick up the right combo. Right now I have one of those brushes that holds the water but I find that it's too much water sometimes. Trying to blend out the color is the hardest part but I know practice, practice and more practice. Thanks again!

  14. I think you did a great tutorial on how to color with the markers Becky, thank you so much for sharing it. The coloring of this cute Tilda is awesome. I am still waiting for mine. I ordered the set two months ago, but I still did not receive them yet.

  15. Hi Becky
    thank you for taking time out (in your already VERY busy life) , to do this tutorial. I am going to TRY them (I may just get a few of the colours first to make sure that I am able to use them). I have a lot of the copic ciao & sketch pens, I find these difficult to use at times, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on the marker's & then find I can't use them. Your colouring always looks O.OT.W., BUT it doesn't seem to matter what medium you use. As for you not doing a video because of your accent, I WOULD have loved to have heard your accent.
    Once again thank you very much for doing this fantastic tutorial. Hope your first day back at work goes well for you.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  16. Excellent tutorial Becky! Very well explained and put together and if anyone wished to take up watercolouring, this technique would fit the bill for that perfectly too!

  17. Awesome Tut Bex - your making me wanna get out my water colours again... but if I do that I know I will want to get the DI markers LOL

  18. Just a quick question but what kind of brush and what size are you using? Can you email me at Sorry for so many questions and comments but I'm just learning this since I bought these markers. It's hard to find any good tutorials or information anywhere because they're so new. Thanks so much!

  19. thanks becky for your tutorial have bought these markers and am scared to use them now i can have a play sue xxx

  20. Great Tutotria Bex! Although slightly sad not to hear you do it on you tube - I am sure you would have been easily understood :-D .... Now I want to buy the markers, oh dear! Jen xx

  21. Great tutorial thanks for sharing
    Louise xx

  22. Great tutorial Becky, I purchased the distress markers a while ago, used them once and didn't like the results at all and have not picked them up since. Thanks so much for sharing, so glad that someone has done a tutorial on using these markers! Will have to go find my markers and have another go following your tutorial. Jules x

  23. Great tutorial Becky!!
    I hope I'll be able to buy and try some markers soon..
    Hugs, Tina

  24. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Love that u did not do a video. I have bought most of the markers, but have not had much time to try them yet. This is just gorgeous!!

  25. I have the markers and didn't "love" them at first. I am going to try doing this with watercolor and see what happens. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

  26. Thanks for this, I am really struggling to get a good result with mine, and I have experimented on different cardstock.

    I have also tried Denas technique of putting water on the card first, but I guess I just need to spend a little time practising.

    Love your results, its beautiful!



  27. Gorgeous tutorial- and coloring. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  28. First of all, this is crazy cute! second, this is crazy cute, and third....this is crazy cute!!!

  29. This is a great tutorial. I've tried many times to use these markers since I bought all of them now i need to get some of this paper and try again.... Your coloring is beautiful also.

  30. Got these markers for Christmas and have just done my first attempt following your fabulous tutorial .. will post on FB!! Not as good as yours and obviously need to practice!! Thank you!! Laura x

  31. Great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing :o)

  32. I haven't used the markers to color in a face or person at all. Love your tips.

  33. Thanks for this great tutorial, I'll pin it!

  34. Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial, Becky, you are amazing!
    This made my day! I've been looking for a good tutorial on colouring with these markers for ages, and now I've finally found one ;) Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us, your tutorial is great! So easy to understand.

    thank you!

  35. OMG,I'm speechlees. this is so beautiful.
    thank you fot this tutorial, it helps me a lot .

  36. Thank you for this tutorial...your cards are beautiful

  37. Thank you so much for the tutorial Becky! I love your work and it is quite beautiful! Again, thank you for sharing. I am excited to learn this new (to me) technique for my distress markers.

  38. What kind of markers are you using? I use Copic Markers but yours seem to blend in better...