Thursday, 30 January 2014

Stamping Bella Uptown Girls Stamps Sale

Hi, I am having a huge clear out of stuff that I don't use, click on the link at the top of the left hand column if you want to see what else I'm selling. For shipping costs I will package everything up, weigh and measure the package, and then use the Postage Price Finder to get accurate prices. 

I will post worldwide.

Please email me at as I will be selling things on a first come first served basis, and if you leave a message or email my other addy you may be missed.

A line will be struck through when you've committed to buy, and removed on payment received.

I will be leaving these up for a few weeks, after that it'll be eBay, eventually, I've lost any love with eBay at the min, I like quick and simple, lol.






1 comment:

  1. Hi did you sell all of your uptown girl stamps? Sorry I'm very late off the mark! Lol
    Lucy x