Friday, 21 September 2012

Candy Winner, At Last

Hi my lovelies,

I'm back from a lovely week away relaxing in the heat. I've currently got my sixth load of washing in, and I've got hand washing on the line too. The first two days rained, I've never seen rain like it. It was like a plug being pulled, the thunder constantly rumbled and the lightening brightened up the whole place, and this was during the day. Apparently the airport was closed for six hours, we were talking to some people who were diverted to Athens for a couple of hours before it was safe the land in Zante. But as my six year old kept reminding us, at least it was warm rain. It didn't spoil the holidays though.

I had a lovely, but weird birthday, thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes.

Back to reality with a thud, nights tonight and then practically every other night for a week. There's only 5 of us who do nights on a rota and from Tuesday there's only going to be two of us in the country, I better keep popping my vitamins, lol.

Anyhoo, the bit you're all wanting.............

A little later than advertised, but sooner than expected. You may or may not know, but I managed to delete all of my links this morning. I wanted to cry at the laptop. But, I contacted the help desk, and some lovely anonymous person has fixed it for me, so I then went to Random Org and generated my winner (by my calculations I had 12 extras to add on).

The winner is


Congratulations chick, can you please send your address to beckyheth @ gmail (.) com  (there's no spaces or brackets, I'm sure I read somewhere if you put your full e-mail on a post it may be picked up by spammers, I may be wrong, I don't want to risk it) or click on the 'e-mail me' link in my side bar.

I'll be having more candy before Christmas, so keep an eye out.



  1. Many congratulations to your candy winner and thank you Becky for allowing me to take part xx

  2. Congratulations Jelly! Enjoy your candy!
    And thank you Becky for the change to win it!
    Hugs Pouwla.

  3. congrats for Jelly, and hope to see the new candy soon xx

  4. Hi Becky, congratulations to your winner.
    Sounds like freaky weather all over the world! Hope it didn't spoil it for you hun and the rest of your holiday was nice and relaxing.
    I have candy too if you're interested hun.
    Hugs Sue W.

  5. Well done to Jelly and thank you for the chance to enter. glad your holiday wasnt spoiled and the laptop wax fixed.